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Measuring Instructions:

There is no accurate substitute
for trying a shoe on and having 'the fit'
checked by a qualified shoe 'fitter'.

1. Click on the size chart image to print and verify the integrity of the sizing by laying a ruler next to the left hand edge to see that the inch marks line up with the inch marks on the ruler.

2. Fold the tab up at the dotted line and place on a hard floor, not carpet. Push the folded edge up against a wall that does not have any molding at the base.

3. Have the child stand on the sizing guide with their heel against the wall.

4. Measure both feet. It's not unusual for one foot to be slightly larger. We need to know the measurement of the larger foot. Based on this measurement and what type of shoes you are looking for, we can come up with a size that will be a comfortable fit for your child.

5. Since the 'width' of the foot is a 3 dimensional aspect of your child's foot, we must rely on what width your child generally wears and use this information to assist you in recommendin what size they will wear.

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Keen Shoes, 20 Executive Dr. Ste. K, Carmel, IN 46032
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